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  1. For over forty years Pole Walking has most commonly be practised in Finland as the summer fitness conditioning for cross-country skiers, even before this, sports colleges and health care establishments have for a long time considered Pole walking as a form of health/fitness & rehab treatment.

    Now this activity is spreading across the globe and is being adopted by millions of people as their preferred method of physical activity and growing from strength to strength in many arenas from rehabilitation to fitness, recreational and now in some countries as a sport.

    So Pole Walking has stood the test of time and is still growing.

  2. We have people in their late eighties that have experienced the benefits of Pole Walking as it appeals to your age group. Also, it gives you a sense of security and confidence because you feel more balanced and stable on four feet instead of your normal two feet.

    And by improving ones balance and stability you enhance your chances of greater mobility. So if you are still able to walk at even a very slow pace try Pole walking and experience the difference.

  3. To walk faster or jog may not always be the best outcome. It will be governed by individual's motivational limits and enjoyment levels and also increases significantly the amount of stress put on the body which may likely cause injury and in turn reduces the enjoyment factor.

    Scientific studies show that using poles at a perceived lessor rate of effort or at a slower speed can achieve similar outcomes.

  4. The greatest thing about Pole Walking is it's a very natural functional friendly movement to the human body. It is easy to learn and rarely forgotten, this is why the at home education video/DVD "Getting started with Pole Walking" is such great resource to learn from if you don't have a current certified coach in your area.

  5. Pole Walking is enjoyed in the great outdoors. It can be done on soft and hard surfaces as the poles are supplied with both hard metal spike tips for soft surfaces such as grassland, sand or slippery surface and the asphalt paws are used on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.

    So Pole Walking is great on your favourite beach or in your local park/sports oval or utilising your local suburban footpaths.

  6. Our clubs offer a safe, supportive environment with the added benefit of extra guidance and motivation in a fun and social atmosphere. But you may wish to walk alone or find a walk buddy or a group of friends and enjoy the convenience of Pole walking around your local neighbourhood at a time that suits your lifestyle.

    The most important thing is what best suits your needs and you enjoy the great benefits of Pole walking like so many hundreds of thousands of people worldwide are experiencing today. So why not be one of them?

  7. Trekking and ski poles have been designed specifically for their sport just like Walking Poles have been. The Walking Poles have a very unique design in the strap to allow the user to obtain maximum push off from the strap without having to grip the handle of the pole to firmly.

    And the handle of the pole is more ergonomically designed to allow for a more ease of grip whilst pole walking. Plus the spike tip has been designed to allow for maximum grip in the ground whilst completing the pole push off at the end of the Pole walking action.

    The pole shafts are made of a very durable and lightweight composite material with good flexibility and shock absorbing capabilities for repetitive motion which is performed during Pole Walking.

  8. Yes! You no longer have to pound the footpaths and wear out your joints to get a good cardio-vascular workout. Whilst running you are only using your lower body muscles and your upper body mass is just going along for the ride not really doing any work. But when you utilise the poles whilst walking you activate all the upper body muscle mass, which in turn creates a greater training effect on your body with similar outcomes with less joint impact.

    Let me explain how this happens, by adding the poles to your walk you are activating the large upper body muscles that are not used whilst running, in turn these large upper body muscles need more fuel which is transported by fresh oxygenated blood to these muscles to make them function.

    So the physiological responses to achieve this from your body is, significantly increased oxygen uptake, elevation of your heart rate to a similar effective training zone as if you were jogging and a greater caloric expenditure and the benefits of enhance muscle endurance for a total body workout.

  9. Simply put, trekking is where you head off into the wilderness and create your own pathway through the various landscapes. You utilise a single or pair of poles to support you and stabilise you from falling or slipping so they are used to prevent unexpected movement .

    With Pole Walking you must use an existing pathway, parkland or beach and a pair of poles that are specifically design to enhance movement in a propelling motion forward whilst still giving improved stability. So simply trekking poles are designed to give you stability/support to prevent movement and Walking Poles are designed to enhance movement in a forward propel motion whilst still giving you stability/support.

    The straps and handles and spike tips are where the difference in design matters between the type of poles and usage.

  10. We have a continuous growing network of accredited P.I.N Pole Walking Professionals within Australia to assist you. Send us an email and we can put you in touch with them.

    If you are in another country or travelling overseas we also have an accredited network of overseas professionals, so drop us an email and we can connect you with them too. And most importantly don't forget our Pole WalkAbout Clubs face2face or online, so why not come an join us and we can assist and support you, wherever you are.

  11. Selection of specially designed Walking Poles is critical to your specific needs, so we have done extensive research into the best poles available around the globe and we are now the exclusive Australian stockist of the PoleAbout brand.

    The "PoleAbout Walking Poles" can be ordered from this website. Simply click here to go to our online Store for convenient direct-to-your-door delivery.

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